We have unmatched history or success in a broad-spectrum of industries, including;


For a $28 Billion biopharmaceutical company;

  • Establishing the Collaboration Services function and then transforming into a digital services organization responsible for O365 engineering, operations, support, and adoption while reducing costs by 43%.
  • Separating from parent company on time and saving over $200,000.
  • Initiating and managing Digital Office Transformation.
  • Saving $1M in SharePoint development platform costs.
  • Classifying and protecting sensitive content across 175+ countries.
  • Implementing a Content Protection Platform in record time and saving the company over $1.2M.
  • Negotiating services with major vendors and saving more than $400,000.
  • Successfully managing internal audit of SharePoint and file server platforms across the globe

Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Improving sales trends and profitability as independently measured by ACNielsen and IRI by enhancing sales presence via performance management of 5000+ sales force.
  • Improving customer satisfaction of major retail customers as independently verified by Annual Cannondale Customer Satisfaction Survey by seamless execution in 500,000+ licensed outlets across the United States.
  • Improved sales & distribution efficiency of distribution network by implementing systems and processes that streamlined sales planning, service policy, sales execution, shelf space management, draft, sales administration, and employee development.

Financial Services

  • For one of the largest bank holding companies in the United States, led development and implementation of an Advanced Lending System (ALS) that significantly improved profitability bank’s loan portfolio.

Temporary Help

  • For one of the world’s largest temporary help companies reengineered invoicing systems & processes through application of advanced EDI technology that helped reduce past due accounts receivable by $100 million that were held up due to inaccurate invoice submissions.

Industrial Automation

  • For one of the largest manufacturers of industrial automation controls in the world, developed a product configurator capable of instantly constructing over 15 million product variations. When combined with the client’s order entry system, this configurator substantially increased orders for products with special features resulting in increased sales of up to $80 million.


  • For one of the largest logistics management companies in the world developed a system that optimized utilization of trucks, trailers, and drivers by reducing down-time due to inefficient resource allocation which resulted in increased revenue of up to $45 million.


  • For a State Department of Revenue, reengineered taxpayer appeal processing systems by applying advanced collaboration and workflow management technology that allowed various departments to work seamlessly on the appeals resulting in 400% improvement in processing efficiency.
  • For a United States federal agency, developed and implemented an integrated suite of applications to manage banking, real estate, marketing, and contact management that improved office productivity by 40% through better collaboration and easier access to information.

Higher Education

  • For a major state-owned university system, developed and implemented a web-based payroll system that allowed university’s 60,000 employees at 26 campuses across the state report their time and make changes to their payroll records on-line improving efficiency by 300% through reduction in manual time reporting and payroll records changes.